Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My virtual session "Production Incline with Spline" at AU

Click the link below to view my session at Autodesk University 2009 which I titled "Production Incline with Spline" This particular class was created mainly because of many conversations I've had with Architectural firms that I've worked with or consulted. The question that always comes up is.....why would I use 3ds Max to model when I might have it already modeled in Revit Architecture, Autocad Architecture and any other program. There are many directions I could have done with those questions, but I wanted to share how the Visualization industry does it so quickly. If you are a firm that has outsourced your renderings or animation to a visualization company or architectural illustrators, they ask for two thing - floor plan and elevations. They don't ask for the Revit or ACA model do they? Why do they ask for 2D geometry? Click on the link to find out